Saturday, August 15, 2009

Downloading @ Dawn......

Awake and focused, but nothing imparticular to do. My engineer and partner in music & life so far is sound asleep. Asleep in the spot that I normally sleep in, which of course, leaves me with no real place to sleep. Dont get me wrong....there's a bed, but there is nothing quite as comfortable as sleeping on a couch for me. Im close to everything that lulls me back to sleep. Pens, notebooks, music, a tv, PS3, the fridge. You know.....standard emcee fare. Here lately, Ive found myself up incredibly early and even approaching the day with very little sleep. Apparently, that has taken its toll on me.

Case in point, the other night I had a strange dream about planes falling from the sky and landing in my old neighborhood of South Dallas. Upon closer inspection and reading a particular dream dictionary, I found out that planes crashing actually stands for "fear of failure" or "a feeling that one's dreams have failed." Given the fact that this has been the feeling for quite some time, I guess the dream was appropo. Ive long felt like I failed at the dream of that little 8 year old kid trying to kick a rhyme for his older brother and cousins and being successful at getting them into it. I have long felt like its time to move on and do something else. I charged it to becoming melancholy at least once a year....what starving artist doesnt?

Anyway, as I was saying, a lot of times this very computer finds me up at all sorts of hours doing nothing but listening to music of all kinds and I sometimes come across projects that inspire me. One such project is "Loso's Way". Ive always been a fan of Fab. This stems back from the first DJ Clue album that I could get my hands on. I thought he sounded like Ma$e slightly and thats what pulled me in. (Yes, Im a Ma$e fan too, but I DO NOT like the new single.) Fab garnered my respect simply because he was witty and as a fan of hip hop, how can you hate on that? Being that Im an emcee as well, I enjoyed listening to him rap. Needless to say, Fab has dropped a good amount of songs that I have refused to even so much as finish listening to, but its leveled out with some quality music at a slightly higher quantity. This is the case with "Loso's Way" as Im listening to it right now.

Given the fact that Dallas radio pretty much follows some weird trend of playing the EXACT same 12 songs every hour in a different order, Im quite aware of "Throw It In The Bag" and because Def Jam is somewhat still aware that their artists need marketing, "Its My Time" was featured on ABDC. Those two songs were pretty much put out in the forefront and I liked them. However, I didnt know what to expect for the duration of the album, but being that its early as crap in the morning, Im honestly pretty open-minded. With that said, Im rambling in no particular order. "Pachanga" is dope and thats probably because it sounds like the next part of the story of Jay-Z's "A Week Ago". Given that I dont know what Pachanga means or if its a real word, thats the only aspect of the song that doesnt sit well with me. Not a big fan of intros as it I skipped it! By the way, who is Kobe? That was just a weird combination of things going on for me on "Imma Do It", but hey, there's something for everyone. "Lullaby" is dopeness! Having long had the idea to use the Kesha from New Jack City "Rock a Bye Baby" in a hook, its good to see that I wasnt alone in that thought. "Salute" could probably be better, but there's nothing glaringly wrong with it. I wouldnt listen to it again, but thats just me. At the same time, it sounded like Lil Wayne from "Tha Block Is Hot" ran in and did the hook and I APPRECIATE THAT! "Feel Like Im Back" sounds like a darker version of Souljah Boy's "Turn My Swag On". Jury's still out. "Everything, Everyday, Everywhere" sounds really weird and it ALSO references the rappy-singy hybrid that "Turn My Swag On" uses. Keri Hilson isnt easy on the ears early in the morning. Something about the pitch of her voice made me squint. Maybe Im not fully awake. "Money Goes, Honey Stay" solidifies the fact that Fab can just about rap like anybody. Case in point, most of "Real Talk" was a 50 cent album. Im just saying. Anytime a song starts off with the storm siren, I normally turn it off. "There He Go" makes me want to do just that. Moving on...."The Fabolous Life". Wow! Ryan Leslie put that together very NICELY! Fab summoned Tupac a little bit on this one and I cant say that Im mad! "Makin Love" is "You Make Me Better Pt. 2". The beat is hypnotic, and Fab actually sounds like Ma$e so I cant say anything wrong. "Last Time" unfortunately suffers from sounding like a song Bow Wow did recently and though its well put together, wasnt a personal favorite. "Stay", however was! Marsha Ambrosius will FORCE you to listen to any song that she is on and being that I am a fan of hers, I gave this song a chance and Im not disappointed. I appreciate the subject matter and Fab approached it well. "I Miss My Love" didnt really hit me right off. Well, thats it. I have officially Downloaded "Loso's Way" @ Dawn.

I cant say Im mad at it. Its a typical Fab album and if nothing else, he is consistent at doing what he does and staying in his lane. The sun's now up and Saturday is here. Who knows what may happen today? Uno.

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